Kanamara Matsuri 2018

In my last post, I talked about enjoying the unusual customs of other countries. Last year, I attended Kanamara Matsuri, a famous festival held yearly in Kawasaki, that celebrates all things penis. Since I've already discussed the meaning behind the festival (here if you care to read it), in this post I will focus on [...]

Kanamara Matsuri 2017.

Kanamara Matsuri. The name may not be familiar, but if you like to read up about weird shit on the internet (like me), you may well know it by a different name; Japan's penis festival. Of course, I went along for the 2017 celebration of everything phallic. Some happy festival-goers. History. This is a Shinto [...]

Attending a tea festival in Okinawa.

Tea. Festival. That's right, a festival dedicated to the great and glorious tea. I'm a huge fan of tea, which is disgustingly English of me. However, I don't care. I just love it. So imagine my joy and disbelief when a Japanese friend of mine posts that he is attending a tea festival at the [...]