Top 5: Fukuoka.

Fukuoka may just be my favourite city in Japan. I’m simply in love with it. It’s hard to choose just 5 things I love about it, but here goes. In no particular order:

Nanzoin Temple.

Still technically Fukuoka Prefecture, this incredible place is just a 25-30 minute train ride from Hakata Station. It’s famous for its giant lying Buddha. Read more about it in my post on Nanzoin.


A snapshot of the famous reclining Buddha of Nanzoin.

Hakata Station.

Hakata Station is more than a transport hub. It’s a multilevel shopping experience! Connect to the rest of Japan, shop for clothes, accessories, and home ware, and dine at one of its many cafes and restaurants. It’s a day’s worth all on its own.


Tasty treats at Starbucks Hakata.

Sumiyoshi Shrine.

Another point of cultural interest, Sumiyoshi is an old shrine of the Inari God. Inari shrines are very common throughout Japan, and are noticeable due to their bright orange Torii and Kitsune (fox) guardians. Sumiyoshi also has a strong association with Sumo wrestling. There is even a huge Sumo statue within its grounds! I’ll be writing more in depth on this at a later date.


Sumo of Sumiyoshi.

Moomin Cafe.

Japan is king when it comes to themed cafes. I was delighted to find one dedicated to a fond childhood cartoon, the Moomins! Moomins are actually Finnish, but are a pop culture favourite in Japan. Moomin Cafe lets you sit with your favourite characters, purchase merchandise, and serves up the cutest treats!


Moomin heaven!

Fukuoka Tower.

Fukuoka Tower is Japan’s tallest ocean side tower! It has a great outlook, isn’t too expensive, and you can even buy and leave a “love lock” behind. It’s a striking piece of architecture, towering above the residential and small office blocks that pepper the surrounding area.


Our love lock at Fukuoka Tower.

Have you visited Fukuoka? Tell me what you loved about it.

Happy and safe travels,


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