10 of Japan’s weirdest sex aids.

As a follow up to my post about Kanamara Matsuri, I thought it might be fun to delve into Japan’s weird sexy side. Or at least look at some of the odd sex aids you can buy. In no particular order, here are 10 of the strangest:

1.Cute flavoured condoms.

Nothing says sexy like a cuddly bear plugging pancake flavoured condoms, right?


2.Kitty paw dildo.

I’m a cat lover but I draw the line here. What. The. Fuck?


3.Questionable Hentai.

Japan is pretty famous for it’s “close to illegal” Hentai, but bestiality, really? The strategically placed sticker at least saved me some nightmares, small mercies.



Yaoi is a hugely popular genre of manga and anime featuring love stories between men. This isn’t amusing to me (I think it’s great), but the translation at this book store did make me laugh.


5.Sex toys.

“Prostater” is probably all the caption this needs.



Oooh a man-baby! Hubba Hubba! Or, you know, perpetual screaming.


7.More condoms.

I live in Okinawa, and it’s always nice to get something that screams “Okinawa!” to send to family and friends. Condoms, funnily enough, weren’t top of my list.


8.Vending machine dildos.

Okay this was in a love hotel, but it still exists.



Just… No.



Everything about this is confusing.


There’s an awful lot more I could add, but for now I’ll let you muse over the existence of some of these. Enjoy.

Happy and safe travels,



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