Travel musings: 15th January 2017.

Another entry from my trusty travel diary. It’s short but sweet.

Nagoya caught me off guard. I knew it was going to be cold (and on that front it didn’t disappoint), but snow?! Fuck. I have a lot of warm weather gear but I don’t think I’m ever really prepared for snow. I despise the stuff.

I’m currently hiding from it in my plush hotel room (Hotel MyStays Nagoya Sakae, highly recommend), I’m sat at my 13th floor window, looking down at all the crazy fuckers flitting to and fro. Nope.

Subsequently though, I get bored, harass my husband, and stupidly we make our way out into the perpetually falling snow. I can’t lie, it actually looks really pretty. We skate (literally, thanks to all the bloody ice) around the Sakae area; the TV Tower, Oasis 21, and Don Quijote (a popular Japanese mega store), before getting fed up of freezing our asses off and scuttling (again, literally, fucking ice) back to the relative warmth of our hotel. Anime and passing out is apparently how we spend the rest of our evening. Nice.

Happy and safe travels,


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