Travel musings: January 2nd 2017.

Another excerpt from my mini travel diary. Enjoy.

We are leaving Kaohsiung a night early. After exhausting resources and things to do within the city in the first 24-48 hours, and discovering that everything we hoped to see were too far to reach using public transport (and hiring a car is out sadly because neither of us hold an international drivers licence currently), we refunded our tickets for tomorrow, bought slightly cheaper tickets, and are now one hour into the two hour journey back to Taipei. Until next time Fo Guang.

We managed to reserve a room in Ximen for $50USD at the same hotel where we started this trip. Ximen is my favourite area of Taipei, so score. We plan to ditch our stuff and soak up the nearby night market (a plan that didn’t end up coming to fruition sadly), before sleeping until check out time. Happy New Year.

Happy and safe travels,


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