Travel musings: 31st December 2016.

Another excerpt from my tiny travel book. Enjoy.

I’ve noticed an interesting thing. I’m sat on a train from Taipei to Zuoying (Kaohsuing), watching the countryside roll out from my cosy vantage on the HSR (High Speed Rail, it’s basically a bullet train), and an odd little skill I picked up in my previous life as a train guard seems to be intact; I know when we are about to enter a tunnel. Despite having never travelled this route before in my life. How? For the most part, it’s a change in sound. A pitch change to be more precise, a few seconds before the tunnel is entered. There’s also a slight change in air pressure, I feel it but I can’t describe exactly what the sensation is. It just IS. To amuse myself, I started playing a little game; I tried to predict when the next tunnel was going to appear. I’ve been pretty accurate so far. Yay me.

Anyway, back to enjoying the view from my window, attempting to take photos that don’t contain posts in them, and back to predicting the next tunnel.

Happy and safe travels,


2 thoughts on “Travel musings: 31st December 2016.

    1. Correct! I also notice a slight change a few seconds before the train enters the tunnel! I used to work with trains, and knowing where tunnels were on my routes was a part of my job, guess it’s something that stuck 🙂

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