Travel musings: 27th December 2016

I’ve been keeping a little pocket notebook with me when I travel so I can write down musings and ideas. I thought it might be fun to share them here. First one. Here goes.

Finally, after a delay and a frustrating wait, I’m heading back to a considerably warmer Okinawa from Seoul. I’ve enjoyed my time here, but I’m glad to be leaving. So far the flight is okay, there’s very little turbulence, my husband is sleeping, and despite the flight being filled with kids, it’s peaceful. I’m filling my time with reading, this memoir, and the sunset outside my window. I’ve watched it fade from a milky pink to a burnt orange, and all from above the line of the horizon. It’s beautiful.

People around me seem to either be sleeping, conversing, trying to still their screaming kids (guess I spoke too soon on that front), or are sat with their noses in technology. I wonder if anyone else on this flight is seeing what I’m seeing, or if I’m the only one.

It’s been a rough day for reasons other than the fuckery of Peach Airlines, but these are best kept from prose. Instead, I’ll go back to appreciating this fast declining sunset, appreciating how much I’ve travelled this year (Seoul being my 6th trip, and not my last, of 2016), and appreciating this erasable pen I’m using, which has allowed me some form of neatness. Until next time.

Happy and safe travels,


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