Fun with Purikura.

You may have heard of Purikura, or even used it, without really knowing what it is.

Purikura is a shortened version of the name “Purinto Kurabu” (プリントクラブ- Print Club in English). It’s basically a photo booth you use with friends, that allows you to take cute pictures, edit, and print to keep! They’re also stickers, so you can adorn stationery and personal items with fun memories! I’m a bit of a Purikura addict, so let me share with you my foray into the kawaii world of Japan’s Print Club!

May 17th 2016, Okinawa.


This is the first ever Purikura I took ,with my husband and our dear friends (visiting us from sunny old England). We had an awful lot of fun doing silly poses, adding edits, and laughing at how the heavy filters made some of us look really creepy!

May 18th 2016, Okinawa.


As you can see, May 18th was a bit of a binge. in the above picture, we found an Okinawa themed booth that added popular sights on island to the pics. Due to this, we thought some choice wording was all that was needed to complete the photo.


In the second picture (above), my friend Amanda and I wanted a girly pic of just us. She lives back in England and I miss her dearly, so we had a cute one with just us two. We may have found dress up right next to the booth, hence the devil horns and cake hat in some of the photos.


And the last pic (above) was a test to see how many of us could fit into a booth. The answer is 9 and 1/2 (the half being our friends toddler). We used the previously mentioned dress up, then edited the fuck out of every single picture. This is one of my favourites, good times with great company. It’s also a little bittersweet, as my friends Amanda, Will, and Kieron, all returned back to England the following day.

August 20th 2016, Okinawa.


There was a bit of a hiatus, mostly because of life, but also because we didn’t really go anywhere to indulge our Purikura habit. That changed on August 20th, when I realised I didn’t have any of just my husband and I. Cue me dragging him to the cutest booth I could find, and him basically outshining me.

October 4th, 2016, Okinawa.


This was partly work related (I wrote an article on Purikura for a magazine I freelance for, and didn’t want to submit my dumbass photos covered in swearwords and phallic drawings), but also an excuse to drag my (more willing than he was letting on) husband to take cute photos with me. I really love how this set came out.

25th November 2016, Harajuku, Tokyo.


It would be slightly ridiculous to expect me to go to Kawaii central (Harajuku) and not have kawaii photos done. We chose the booth with the best edits and the questionable name (Cyunt… LOL) and went to town. The cartoons at the bottom are meant to be us, but due to the quick time limits we weren’t fast enough editing them better. Oh well, still love them.

Special mention: November 2016, Taipei, Taiwan.


This is sort of Purikura, hence why I included it. It’s not a sticker, just a photo, but I thought it wonderfully quirky so added it. Why? This was taken in a photo booth on Taipei’s Metro system. Yep. The Metro is very beloved, most large stations have photo booths to commemorate your visit, and some even have souvenir shops. Fucking souvenir shops. The mascot is a cat. Best believe I bought me some souvenirs (I’ll be doing a separate post on the Metro system at some point).

And that’s it so far. I’m going to try to use Purikura for every place we go (that has them), so I’ll try to update this post as and when. If any of my readers have cute/hilarious Purikura they wish to share with me, please feel free to hit me up on Social Media:



Happy and safe travels,

Happy and safe travels,Happy and safe travels,Save

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