Shop at your stop: Namba Walk.

Namba Walk is an impressive expanse of shops and restaurants, squirrelling through subway Midosuji Line Namba station at a length of 715m from east to west. It's a fascinating, and very commercialised, way of utilising dead space in an underground station.  Having travelled on more than one subway system in Japan, I can attest that [...]

Osaka Castle

One of the best known, and most popular attractions, of Osaka is arguably it's castle. Nestled within grand ramparts, the stark white walls and the Jade green roof sits in contrast to the blue of the sky; it's a bewitching sight. Let's delve into its rich history, and discover why it's such a symbolic part [...]

Attending a tea festival in Okinawa.

Tea. Festival. That's right, a festival dedicated to the great and glorious tea. I'm a huge fan of tea, which is disgustingly English of me. However, I don't care. I just love it. So imagine my joy and disbelief when a Japanese friend of mine posts that he is attending a tea festival at the [...]

Lost in translation.

I had an interesting conversation on Facebook the other day with a Japanese fellow about miscommunication. It was with regards to an exchange he had on Facebook with another user. The man in question regularly posts really great information in groups to help the foreign population of Okinawa get the best out of their time [...]

Be a good tourist.

This is something I've wanted to address for some time, and as the old adage goes: "no time like the present". Animal lover? Me too. It's fascinating to see animals I wouldn't normally, however, I'm not prepared to go to a place that exploits them in the name of entertainment. There are many places worldwide [...]